How to get to Cartagena

Upon your arrival, the International Airport Rafael Núñez will welcome you. Located in Crespo, at only 15 minutes from the touristic and Hotel area and 10 minutes from the historical downtown.
The national airlines that arrive daily are Avianca, Aires, Aerorepública. The international airlines are Copa Airlines, American Airlines, Air Madrid, West Caribbean and additional charters that arrive weekly. 

From the Caribbean, important cruise lines from around the world arrive to Cartagena de Indias. Cartagena is an obliged way for the cruise ships that go through the Caribbean for its strategic location and varied touristic, scenery, historic and commercial attractions. Inside the Cruise Terminal you'll find shops to easily buy souvenirs of the city and transportation services to make city tours.

To the Terminal de Transportes de Cartagena arrive buses from routes that connect the city to other urban centers in the region, the country and South America.
Private transportation companies between cities have independent modules for parking and embarking and disembarking passengers.
Inside the Terminal you will find restaurants, souvenir shops and telecommunications offices. The access to the terminal is possible by taxi or the bus route Metrocar which goes through most of the city.

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